Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why Economy Class?

A lot of people may be surprised why I want to talk about travel experience from Economy Class.

The reason is relatively simple - not many people are doing it.

Travel bloggers, like those who you can find from Boarding Area, mostly flew at the least business. For me, even I am similar to them (I am airline elite member - but only low and mid-tier), I still fly Economy Class most often.

My economic value is simple - for the same amount of award miles, would you rather go to Hong Kong twice or travel on business? I choose twice for sure.

And what funny is most people only talk about premium classes, which at least 66% of all travelers are stilling traveling on Economy.

Beside, I think Economy Class is an form of art. Unlike premium class products, which airlines can compete and be ranked. No one else actually rank and compete with Economy products.

So there's why I want to talk about my experience and my insight from traveling Economy Class to share with all of you.

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