Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why Economy Class are better than First Class sometimes?

If I asked you a question - if you have the choice, will you rather travel in Economy Class or Premium Classes (First/Business)?

Most of the people, without thinking, will say - Premium.

For me, I will say it depends.

To illustrate my point (that Premium Classes are not always the best choice for travel), let focus on the following picture:

Who can tell me the length of my legroom?

This was taken from my recent travel (United 396: Honolulu, HI - San Francisco redeye). As you can see, my legs were not restricted at all.

But why do I say it is better in Economy Class?

The reason is simple - Rest.

It was a redeye - so you know that most people would be sleeping for the entire flight (In fact, my flight was scheduled to arrive at 5 AM).

With no mean to trash professional services from the flight attendants, somehow Premium Class may be over-attentive, which in other word, restricting your time to rest.

For my entire flight, except for drink service (which I declined), flight attendants have made sure that they would not bother me at all - even my seatmate was a so cooperative flight attendant - Yes, my seatmate was in fact a dead-heading flight attendant to SFO for his KIX flight.

As far as my legrooms, with no doubt, I had the best seat in the aircraft.

So it is not difficult to imagine - I have slept for the entire flight .

So no service did not mean bad service at all.

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