Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Will Chase live up with their promises? (Part 2)

A month ago, I talked about this:

Will Chase live up with their promises? (Part 1)

So Chase did live up their promise last time.

How about this time?

Before I move forward, you can look at the following to understand what's going on:

Improved United airlines card offer

Basically, the story can be summarized as:

1. Chase has been secretly planned a limited-time offer for its new Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Card.

2. Some reliable sources confirmed the rumor.

3. Flyertalker (FTers) talked about how the offer would be, which I did provide my "totally speculative" insight on how the offer should have been (In other word, I was only guessing).

4. Chase pushed for first delay from October to November.

5. FTers were thinking about abandoning this big ship...and focused on another ongoing promotion which focus on MileagePlus elites who never had a United credit card before (How unlikely!!)

6. Chase delayed the promotion First Quarter 2012.

And my million dollar question this time is - will Chase ever push this "offer" out ever?

There is 1 thing that I am sure I get benefited from this - my blog traffic has been increased. As I have been answering the issue with the offer and related credit cards questions.

Somehow, it makes me an "expert" of Chase (sort of...)

My opinion on this? Chase will not push this promotion out at all.Why?

The key is Citibank. Citi has put a complete stop on its super ridiculous generous 75000 the dAArkside (a term that is frequently used in Flyertalk in implying "AA" - American Airlines AAdvantage) miles offer and replace with a 50000 miles instead. By that generous offer, some people could in fact take advantages to earn up to 225000 miles from Citi to get a First Class ticket at Cathay Pacific from North America to Hong Kong (and good part is - no fuel surcharge).

If you spend some time to compare, it will not be difficult to find out Chase's card have more earning potential and perks than Citi's AAdvantage cards, which naturally put Chase in a better advantage. But Citi got a excellent offer that people can't resist.

But now - Chase lost the reasons - at the least - why offering more when others are offering less?

I still remembered from the street ad of Market Street of San Francisco, the old styled MileagePlus card - "That's a Plus" - only offer 30000 miles at that time.

Then why should Chase do something now when the game finally come to the end?

To be honest, I hope I will be wrong as a lot of people have the hope up for this...

Let's see Chase will live up another promise for this offer.

I will provide an update as soon as I have more information.

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