Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Korean Air Fare Error - Korean Air's Option

I read an interesting article from Elliott today:

Korean Air cancels tickets because of fare error

Christopher Elliott, in conclusion, says, "I really don’t know what to do with this case. Honestly."

Don't worry, Chris. I have a solution for you - Korean Air should honor the deal, no matter what.

Let's look at the issue in a deeper detail than Chris.

Based on the original thread posted at FlyerTalk ([FARE GONE] KE: JFK-ROR $560 ai), the fare was originally surfaced on September 2, 2011.

Korean Air pulled the plug on November 7, 2011.

It takes 66 days for Korean Air to pull the plug.

A similar occurrence happened with British Airways. But at that time British Airways caught that in 2 days.

66 days seem too far.

How about being fair?

When we want to change our reservation, how much does the airlines charge us in cash? Now they want to change the reservation, so travel vouchers are enough?

So is it mean every time when an airlines think the price is too "low", they can pull the same trick again?

I traveled on extremely low-priced air fare before (like Air Canada's $562.50 San Francisco to Hong Kong via Vancouver, British Columbia Roundtrip last year). There is no way for a regular passengers (unless you know the stuff well, like those from FlyerTalk) to tell if it is mistake fare or not.

So in this case, passengers will be in nightmare about ticket cancellation, as airlines can cancel it at any time with any reasons.

And the most important is:

1. Korean Air provided the fare;

2. No one has ever done anything to trick the reservation to lower the price intentionally (one of the tactics is known as fuel dump).

So? Learn the lesson, Korean Air.

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