Sunday, April 15, 2012

People. They destroy an airline. (Update)

I finally got the "official" and yet "bureaucratic" response.

Trust me - it did take me a long way for the response (I will share some of my methods in the future). Before I comment anything, why don't you look at it first?

(The following response was edited for its format and some personal information was withheld.)


11 April 2012

Mr Kung
Email: ______________________

Dear Mr Kung

Thank you for your follow up message.

It appears that there was a system error, a combined reply has been sent to you on 20 February 2012 under case reference XXXXXXX, reference number for the email you have sent to the Marco Polo Club. I am sorry that the message was not delivered to you accordingly. I have attached the below reply for your easy reference.

Once again thank you for contacting us.

Kind regards

Customer Relations Executive
Customer Relations Department
Cathay Pacific Airways


20 February 2012

Mr Kin Wah Kung
Email: ______________________

Dear Mr Kung

Thank you for your letter and contacting the Marco Polo Club, which has referred your concerns to us.

Please allow me to address the issues you raised in point for convenience:

Promotional Campaign
We very much appreciate your feedback in regards to our marketing campaign as it enables us to identify the areas that need improvement.

Check-in and lounge access
Marco Polo Club Silver member or above are eligible to use Business Class or designated club counters for check-in, and use our designated lounges at worldwide airports regardless of their ravelling class. Thus I am sorry to learn that you were denied access at both of our contract lounge provider, SAS Business Lounge and Swiss Business Lounge. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Cabin facilities and inflight safety
I will follow up with our Engineering Department to determine the cause of the observation you described with our cabin and seat facilities as it was not indicated as a defect on our reports. I have likewise raised your concern in regards to our inflight safety video and handling to the relevant departments for their review.

The problem of water dripping was caused by condensation onboard the aircraft. The on-board environmental system on the aircraft produces very cold air, which cools the overhead area in the cabin to almost freezing point. When the aircraft doors are open for passenger embarkation and catering loading, the hot air from outside causes moisture to form on the cold overhead area, and subsequently drops of condensation may drip down in the cabin area during the flight.

At present, we have no way around this since our on-board environmental control system has to be efficient enough to cool the aircraft. Boeing and Airbus are looking into this matter but it may take some time to resolve. We appreciate your frustration over this matter, and hope the foregoing helps to clarify this problem in more detail.

Lounge quality - The Wing
Your comments regarding the food variety and computer station has been duly noted and forwarded to our Caterer and Product department for their future planning.

Baggage Claim
Whilst I am sorry that your baggage was damaged during transit, I am however most concerned to learn of the handling from our Baggage team in Chicago and San Francisco. Our staff are expected to assist passengers in a professional and timely manner and I regret that this was not the case.

I would like to assure you that various points you raised regarding our service and operation has been duly noted and forwarded to the relevant departments for their necessary follow up. In the meantime, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Mr Kung, thank you for choosing Cathay Pacific, and I hope that despite this regrettable experience, we will have the pleasure of serving you onboard our flights again in future.

Kind regards

Customer Relations Executive
Customer Relations Department
Cathay Pacific Airways
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  1. Actually both SAS and SWISS might have been in the right. Status doesn't always apply in contract lounge situations (as opposed to travel class, which does) especially when the contract lounge is from a different alliance .