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Operation Emergency Deployment - UA 949

Operation Emergency Deployment - UA 230 

Operation Emergency Deployment - UA/CO 4 

Operation Emergency Deployment - UA 949

Operation Emergency Deployment - UA 907 

Operation Emergency Deployment - Conclusion

December 11, 2011 – UA 949 (London Heathrow Airport > Chicago O'Hare)

I had my own reasons why I want to return to San Francisco via Chicago instead of Houston - United uses Boeing 767.


1. Based on my experience, United's Boeing 767, in many occasions, experiences mechanical issues in Europe. Per EC 261/2004, I may entitle for compensation for the delay.

2. See here - What does it take for United to fix the aircrafts?  

No need to say more. I can use this chance to score some e-certificates.

So despite so much I hate Chicago (as I have been to Chicago O'Hare - the airport only so many times this year), I still went through Chicago this time.

As far as I know, except Continental, all Star Alliance members operates out of Terminal 1.

Check-in was smooth, when you are a Star Alliance Gold member:

Premium Check-in Counter for Lufthansa Group Airlines
I was waiting for my own line with my friend. The next available agent has taken a Business Class passenger. Fine. Then we waited.

And then we got referred to a First Class / Global Service counter for check-in, which was way even better.

After that, you know the rest - Security.

Then we proceeded to the lounge.

Star Alliance Lounge
Star Alliance Lounge is basically a lounge that operated by Star Alliance itself (usually the alliance does not get involved that much) for all their members.

So basically, unless you travel on BMI (which have separated lounges), you will be referred to here, regardless which Star Alliance airlines you fly.

When I was checking in, I asked the agent which Star Gold cards she wanted to take (By the way, I have a Continental and United with me). She tried both but they did not work at all. But still, since the card said it was a valid membership, the agent checked me and my friend manually to get it.

Then we were promptly greeted by a United Agent, who informed us that there was no gate assignment yet and referred us to check the monitor.

To be honest, I did not have a very good impression to this lounge.

The major reason was it was way too crowded.

The second was although it was better than all U.S. lounges, it was not as good as what I have experienced in Hong Kong's United Club or Thai's Royal Orchid Lounge, especially the good

Shower Room (1 of 2)


Shower Room (2 of 2)

After that, we proceeded to the gate, by the assistance of the United Agent (well...the monitor did not say anything at all...)

Surprisingly, this flight was not as full as it supposed. So boarding was quickly done.

As before, legroom was good. I basically slept almost the whole flight. Meal was okay (as I mentioned before, I give credit to airlines food).

My Lunch
In conclusion, it was a pleasant experience, especially with the crew in London Heathrow.

Also - my purpose has fulfilled - my personal TV did not work for the entire flight. So I did receive a Skykit (Remember - I slept almost the whole flight, right? So, I did not really miss much...)

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