Thursday, August 25, 2011

What does it take for United to fix the aircrafts?

Am I a frequent complainer? Maybe.

But definitely I did not do anything like the following:

Why airlines don’t take most complaints seriously…

My story is pretty simple - broken interior.

No need to say more - the picture will tell you what has happened:

The Velcro - oh well...

Can you imagine you are sitting in this seat for 4.5 hours?

My personal record is I have sat on a similar seat for 10 hours - Seoul, Korea to San Francisco on a Boeing 747-400.

Broken seats, IFE (In-flight Entertainment) are really common in airlines industry.

But United, which my first choice of travel, apparently is doing way much "better" than other airlines.

In the past, I have complained extensively with United for its poor maintenance with its Airbus, which ultimately is improved. I don't know if my complaint helps, but who cares? (Or maybe the reality is I have traveled less on an Airbus - for real - this year, only once).

Seriously, 2 trips in 2 weeks - with 3 flights on Boeing 767-300ER IPTE (International Premium Travel Experience), 2 of them have visible damage in the interior aircraft.

My bottom line is - what does it take for United to fix it?

By the way - the cabin have been retrofitted for the new Business Class and First Suite not long ago. So how does this happen so often? Who knows?

UPDATE (09/02/2011) - United did provide a response - but simply they are saying, we will do better next time...Oh well, next see next time...

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