Sunday, August 28, 2011

Follow-Up: Chase MileagePlus Explorer Card “Baggage Claim” event & giveaway

I am not going to repeat what it is about. Read the following post from Frequent Flying, and you will understand:

United Airlines Chase Explorer Card “Baggage Claim” event & giveaway

As this event happens in San Francisco, so I took my chances (Yes - 2 times) to try and see what I can get, based on what I have learned from Darren's experience.

Basically, as Darren experienced, my United MileagePlus Premier Executive can help me get to the Priority Status line. Well, to be honest, they are really lousy in enforcing that - as I see a lot of unrelated people can still get into it (But I know they are not from United - so I will not be surprised that they don't know much about it).

My "Baggage" Check...

So what did I get - 2 Red Carpet Club One-Time Pass each time (Yes - I got the same thing twice), the SFO pin, and the bags:

By the way - the staff asked me a funny question - why do you need more miles? Oh well, what is the difference of asking "Why do you need more money?"

Anyway - I have wondered - why didn't they ask me to apply for the card? For real, the whole purpose is to get me to apply - but no one seem mentioning about that...oh well, thanks Chase...

UPDATE (09/02/2011) - It turned out that Chase did approve my card application (To be honest, if they are not offering me 50,000 miles based on the T&Cs, I will definitely not care about the new card...)

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