Saturday, August 27, 2011

OLD NEWS – United Starts Charging Baggage Fee for International Reservations

Well…the worst is yet to come…and the war extends to a new battlefield.

As the title says it all, it does not sound like I have to explain anything further. The following link from United website will say it all:

Unless you are currently an elite member of United/Continental or even Star Alliances, no one can escape at all.

What surprising me are:

1.  No one talks about it – really…no travel blogs, no news article in fact covers this one (even through for me, I found out this accidentally).

2.     It finally comes to international travel – does this imply that the war of fees has extended from U.S.-based airlines to the whole world?

3.     The end of “All-in” air ticket – The following Youtube video may exaggerate the situation but somehow it does have the wisdom to show the evolution of the airlines industry:

4.     The enhancement of credit card companies with airlines – While I have personally verified that based on this change, United / Continental credit card holders will not benefit at all. But somehow, airlines are partnering with credit card companies to enter into a profit-sharing scheme.

5.     The need of elite status – As I previously told John Boudreau, a reporter from San Jose Mercury News (Yes!!! I was in an interview - but I don't know if it will get published or not), elite status is longer an appreciation of loyalty, but a security of travel. Without elite status, basically you are doomed in today’s travel.

Good Luck everyone.

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