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The 22000 Mile Long March – CA 108

The 22000 Miles Long March - Check-In

The 22000 Miles Long March – UA 705 

The 22000 Mile Long March – Hyatt Regency O’Hare

The 22000 Mile Long March – CX 807

The 22000 Mile Long March – CA 108

The 22000 Mile Long March – CA 115

The 22000 Mile Long March – CX 806

The 22000 Miles Long March – UA 973

The 22000 Miles Long March – Conclusion 

November 13, 2011 - CA 108 (Hong Kong > Beijing Capital International Airport)

Getting a quick rest, not even a decent sleep, I was back to Hong Kong International Airport for my flight to Beijing:

MTR's Siu Ho Wan Depot
Ngong Ping 360

Cathay City

As a Star Alliance Gold member, I checked in at Business Class counter without any issue. The agent promptly issued lounge invitation to me, which I kindly declined (but I got it anyway), because the agent issued the invitation for GNAC lounge, which is known not a very good lounge in Hong Kong. Beside, I can access Thai Airways’ Royal Orchid Lounge, United Club (and International First Lounge) and Singapore Airlines’ Silver Kris Lounge.

I chose Thai first as I have never been there. The place is decent and spacious. But it is not as decent as United Club, as United Club has a better food choice and shower room. Even those there are a lot of interesting amenities at Thai’s Royal Orchid Lounge, like Wii and Xbox 360, as well as message chair, the choice of food had already made a significant difference already. So I finished my breakfast at United Club:

Thai's Xbox 360
Message Chair

Ice Cream Bar (Korean Style)

Thai's Offering for Breakfast

Thai's Royal Orchid Lounge

I promptly proceeded to the gate when it was the time for boarding. Air China in Hong Kong use a remote location to board the aircraft. So I was referred to take a bus to the tarmac, and it has been a long time I have not experience this (the last time was when Kai Tek was still exist). So due to such technical difficulty, I was not given priority boarding, which was fine.

The aircraft, an Airbus A321, is dry-leased from Air Macau, which Air China owns a significant share. Since I was young, I have been traveled with my parents a lot to the Mainland China (by sea, land, and air). So from my previous experience, I would not expect a lot of Air China:

Caution Label (In English/Traditional Chinese but not Simpified Chinese)

Air Macau Safety Card
 It turned out that they were fine except that:

1. The legroom was really small (it was even smaller than that regular Economy I sat for my first flight):

2. The flight attendant was a little bit rude (Due to special circumstances, air travel in China was tricky – as a lot of passengers are DYKWIA (Do you know who I am?), aka Entitlement Class. So somehow the flight attendants need to be diplomatic in some cases).

3. The food…oh well…eat before you board, if you can. (I am not saying it was not edible by its taste. But simply if I had the choice, I would not have eaten that food):

Well…it was a short-haul flight, so only overhead IFEs were available, which I did not even check that out (as I was busy updating the trip report for the blog – which you are reading now).

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