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The 22000 Mile Long March – CX 806

The 22000 Miles Long March - Check-In

The 22000 Miles Long March – UA 705 

The 22000 Mile Long March – Hyatt Regency O’Hare

The 22000 Mile Long March – CX 807

The 22000 Mile Long March – CA 108

The 22000 Mile Long March – CA 115

The 22000 Mile Long March – CX 806

The 22000 Miles Long March – UA 973

The 22000 Miles Long March – Conclusion 

November 19, 2011 - CX 806 (Hong Kong > Chicago O'Hare)

Time to go home. Before I started, please carefully observe the following pictures:

See the difference?

For those who have been following my trip report, you should have some memory that I took the first picture on November 11, 2011, which I have experienced "raining" in the aircraft.

The second picture was taken 7 days later (based on Pacific Standard Time).

Yes - I was in the same aircraft...again...

But before I go there, let me share my pre-flight experience.

Since I am a Macro Polo Club Silver, so I can use Business Class check-in. Unlike what has happened in Chicago, check-in was not an issue at all. What amazed me is the Ground Agent who checked me in was a Filipino speaking in Cantonese.

And my luggage was tagged interlined with United for my final destination to San Francisco.

Also, I received my lounge invitation. Unlike Chicago, I was "welcomed" to use whatever lounges Cathay Pacific has in Hong Kong (The Wing / The Pier / The Cabin / G16 Lounge).

After the security, I have visited the Wing first. A few words I can summarize about the Wing - it was one of the poorest lounge I have ever visited in Hong Kong.

The reason is simple - food selection. Basically nothing.

As I got Priority Pass from American Express Platinum Card (Priority Pass Select), I have stopped by the Travellers' Lounge near Gate 1. Although I did not take any pictures (as the matter of fact, I have stopped in the lounge for less than 1 minute), I can't tell you even this lounge is way better than the Wing.

Then I went to the Cabin. Comparing to the Wing, basically, the Heaven and Hell.

Food Selection (1 of 5)

Food Selection (2 of 5)

Food Selection (3 of 5)

Food Selection (4 of 5)

Food Selection (5 of 5) - Fruit Bar

Spacious Rest Area (1 of 2)

Spacious Rest Area (2 of 2)

Specialty Drinks Menu (1 of 3) - Do you see - Champagne?

Specialty Drinks Menu (2 of 3)

Specialty Drinks Menu (3 of 3)
Then I returned to the Wing again (as that's the lounge nearest to my departure gate). This time I have checked with the shower facility:

Shower Room (1 of 2)

Shower Room (1 of 2)

After that, I stopped by their computer station. I don't know if I am too picky or not, somehow I was disappointed. Either the station did not have the phone, or there was a network connection problem.

Computer Station - That's the one with network issue (Taken from the station that has no phone)
After that - time to board.

Unlike Chicago, during boarding, none of CX Ground Agents addressed me with my name, which was fine - but they did insist to refer me to Business Class boarding, even I was traveling on Economy Class.

Back to Square #1, when did I find out I was traveling with the same aircraft? Right after I boarded the aircraft, by the courtesy of the crack.

As soon as I found out that, I immediately demanded to speak to a senior Flight Attendant and see how they can fix the issue - the "raining". After several communications with the Ground Agents (the Flight Attendant who helped me told me later that it was none of their business when the aircraft was on the ground), Cathay Pacific offered the following:

1. Middle Bulkhead

2. Same Seat (31A)

I took the second option. Why? It was simple - you rather experience "rain" or sit with others (31B was opened and 31C was occupied by a Diamond Member (DM).

And again, the same safety issue happened again (You can see my trip report for CX 807 for detail).
In term of the food, it was definitely not the worst I have ever eaten. But I can say there are rooms for improvement.

Did it "rain"? Not this time.

My guess is the temperature difference was not large enough (Outbound - about 30C; Inbound - about 10C)

There were couples of tiny things I like for this one:

1. The Flight Attendant (who served my section and helped me earlier) addressed me Mr. Kung all the time, not even the DM got this treatment.

2. Cathay Pacific uses 2 carousels in Chicago - one for Economy and one for the rest (First / Business / oneworld elite / crew). This makes the baggage coming out even faster.


  1. really, you just have too high expectations for Cathay and focus way too much on the small shortcomings. it even sounds to me a bit like you're a DYKWIA (Do You Know Who I Am) by the usage of words such as 'demanded to speak to a Manager'.

  2. and just a quick question. How can you manage to become CX Silver when you've supposedly "never flown on them before"?
    Did I get anything special because I got the nice $100 deal and as my virgin flight with CX? No. (Although I was not supposed to expect anything, it is something disappointed that they did not do anything)
    Really, I don't think any airline would do this, not even Singapore. Really really high expectations, especially when flying on a $100 ticket.

    (Not to offend, but to point out some of the things I find unreasonable)

  3. Thanks for your comment.

    1. I have made necessary change of word. Of course, I am not a DYKWIA. I will explain more in the future about this.

    2. I was status-matched (or comped) by Cathay Pacific from my Star Alliance Gold status.